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ASKANYI is not the name of a group but a unique musical project, essentially and by means of compositions a fusion between a “Western” string quartet and African vocal music. A mix of artists with African (Congo-­‐Brazzaville, Burundi  and Senegal) and Western origins has sought to create a space in which both cultural dimensions can come together. This process results in a unique kind of music, which echoes today multicultural environment. What’s more, five composers have rearranged in collaboration with the singers a selection of African vocal compositions at the heart of which lie the philosophical and spiritual questions to which we all seek answers.

This is   what ASKANYI, meaning ‘the people’ in the Wolow language (Senegal),          is trying to         convey. ASKANYI’s energy is both fierce and serene, inviting the listener to open themselves to new experiences and to look beyond themselves.




The singers:

Jupiter Diop

Fredy Massambe

Nicole Letuppe

Marie-Ange Teuwen


The string quartet:

Esther Lambrechts         violin

Sébastien Paz Ceroni     violin

Marijn Tissen                 alto

Robert Kessels               cello